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The Big Show

Playing on the streets has opened many doors for Clayton one of which he is still doing today. "In the Christmas season of 2012 I got a call while I was playing at the landing. I normally don't take calls while I'm working, but that same voice in me said to answer it. I'm so glad I did!! I almost dropped the phone when the voice on the other end said "Clayton, this is Scott Presley"." Clayton is now doing the Pre-Show entertainment for the first family of entertainment in Branson at the Presleys' Show. "How awesome is it to work for the first show in Branson." The show is a Gospel Sing-a-Long which is very fitting for Clayton with his church background. "It feels like we are having a church singing every night now, I love it." Big C, as some call him, has since been featured several times on the Presley's TV show on RFD TV and more and more people are falling in love with his ministry.

The Big Show Schedule

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