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Acrobats of China at RFD

Acrobats of China at RFDIncredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus celebrates the exotic wonders of China while showcasing dramatic interpretation of classic Chinese dance and physical performance art.

Featuring spectacular backdrops, beautiful costuming, and state-of-the-art lighting this show is a thrill a minute!

The New Shanghai Circus presents a revolving line-up of favorite acts including Diablo (Chinese Yo-Yo), Bicycle Tricks, Pole Climbing, Russian Bar, Aerial Fish Ballet, Adagio, Plates Spinning, Magic Clock, Roller Skating, Handstand Art, Human Top, Chair Stack and more.

Each year the troupe adds new performers who have won national and international competitions. The show combines extraordinary and inventive feats of strength and skill, control and balance.

Considered to be China's most celebrated acrobatic company, the performers of the New Shanghai Circus have stunned audiences all over the world. This year's entourage from China includes a full-time cook, several coaches/teachers, technicians, propmaster, carpenter, costume designer and other staff members. They've joined their talents to create a fast-paced production that brings the Orient to Branson!

The New Shanghai Theatre was specially designed to accommodate this unusual and elaborate production, as well as to integrate the ancient history of China with modern Chinese architectural style. The new theatre features elements cascading waterfalls, Chinese gardens, rare chiming stones, and a sculpture of Chinese Bronze Ware that is approximately 3,500 years old.

The New Shanghai Circus was founded in 1991 as a touring company from its parent troupe, the Shanghai Magic Troupe in Shanghai, China. It's been an upward spiral ever since with more than 80 tours around the world including a 1998 stint on Broadway in New York that played before 28 sold out performances - and now a permanent second home in Branson, Missouri!

“Qing da jia lai kan wo men!”
Translation: “Ya'll come see us!”

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