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Bill Chrastil

Bill ChrastilBill Chrastil hails from Lincoln, Nebraska.  He began his career at the early age of 8 when his grandmother saw his musical potential and bought him his first guitar.  After learning a few chords from his grandmother, Bill began playing for his mother and her sisters as they sang along and yodeled.  At the age of 14, Bill started his first 5-piece band, Essence.  They traveled throughout Nebraska performing.
Eight years later, he formed a 6-piece band, Tumberwolf.  After 2 decades of being the lead in a band, Bill decided to begin a solo career, where he began traveling nationwide, performing at hotels, theatres, fairs, casinos, corporate events, church functions and more.
His high energy production features a 50's/60's Rock & Roll show, salutes to Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis and Conway Twitty.  He performs hits from New & Classic Country to Classic Rock, accompanied by impressive guitar instrumentals.  As a special tr5eat, he also performs his original songs, which have received rave reviews.  To close out the show, you can expect an unprecedented tribute to the King-Elvis, which will leave you absolutely speechless!
Along with his phenomenal vocal talent, Bill is a talented songwriter, producer and musician.  he plays 5 instruments, the guitar, piano, bass, drums and harmonice.
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